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-- we got the extra cookie --

Episode Reviews and Recaps
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Welcome to Supernatural Reviews!

This fangirling attitude right here? This is why we always get the extra cookie.

Tired of seeing Supernatural reviews crop up like mushrooms all over your flist? Have a hard time finding reviews of specific episodes? Just like adding SPN communities to your LJ? Then this is the place for you!

Post your thoughts, reactions, squee, and critical analysis of Supernatural right here, right now! Fangirling is approved, solicited, and encouraged. We only ask that you put your reviews behind an lj-cut to avoid spoiling the surprise for those in different time zones.

Other than that, sky's the limit. Sam girls, Dean girls, John girls, WINCHESTER girls. Slash, gen, het, MAD IMPALA LOVE written in Petrarchan sonnet form, everything is welcome!

Please read THIS POST for guidelines to tag your reviews!