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Minor spoilers for the episode, but more spoileryness on the "SOON" portion.

Overall I enjoyed the episode. I was worried that they would go back to the bad sort of cracked out eppy, such as that wishing well debacle, but this was actually good. BEST MOMENTS were the look on Dean's face when the girl tells him Paris Hilton abducted her friend and, even better, the look on SAM'S face when Dean says he's never seen House of Wax.

I had just turned to my friend a moment before and wondered if they were going to do a shout out when that happened, so I pretty well snorted tea everywhere. SAM PUPPY FACE, HAHAHAHA. And Paris was actually pretty good at playing a monster parody of herself. I was pleased with her, but cheated that they didn't bring JDM back to be evil!Daddy for a bit. *SIGH*.

BUT OMG. OMG YOU GUYS. promo spoilers >>> The best part of the whole thing was the "SOON" preview at the end. ALL THE SHOW GENRES? THE SITCOM, GREY'S ANATOMY, JAPANESE GAME SHOWS??? SAM PRETENDING TO BE HORATIO CAINE?? Epic. Fucking EPIC. I started cackling at that moment and haven't really stopped since. Well played, show. *glee* <<<

Only thing is that the summary for next week---fairy tales come to life---is kinduva repeat, non?

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